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Learning to collaborate with others and connect through technology are essential skills in a knowledge-based economy.  We aim to develop the following skills through creative programming:


Ways of thinking—Creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, decision-making and learning.


Ways of working– Communication and collaboration


Tools for working– Information and communications technology (ICT) and information literacy.


Skills for living in the world—Citizenship, life and career, and personal and social responsibility.






Putting the STEM in Sailing

Working with the Baltimore Downtown Sailing Center campers from the You Make A Difference STEMMA Corporation participated in a 2 week long sailing experience.  This camp helps children in grades 4-8 explore the relationships between sailing and STEM.


Campers spent the first part of their day exploring the relationships between sailing and STEM.  During the second half of their day they are on the water developing sailing skills. 


The STEMMA Corporation sponsors a week long CSI - Forensic Science camp at Coppin State University for students in grades 4-8. Campers have the opportunity to "solve crimes" like real CSI investigators.  Guest speakers from Coppin State University, the FBI, and the Forensics Lab discussed how STEMMA is infused in forensic science.  A field trip to the Cryptological Musuem at the National Security Agency (NSA), gives  campers on a scavenger hunt to identify technology used to code messages.

Sailing Class of 2016

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Forensics Class of 2016

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